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Share Foods GmbH

food and hygiene products, currently water, snack bars and soap
Certified Since: June, 2018
Location: Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Share Foods GmbH is a social enterprise selling consumer goods that are each connected to an equivalent donation. With these direct donations, they aim to help the people most in need of basic goods and services, such as water, food and hygiene.

Share is committed to making a positive change in the world and help those most in need. Social impact is at the heart of our company and of course they aim to be as sustainable as we can in other dimensions as well. To achieve the highest possible social and environmental performance, they count on the B Corp community to help us to continuously improve. They also want to join this community to collaborate and learn from other B Corps to make the most of our work. Together, share wants to spread the word and help this movement go forward to transform the way business is done.

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