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Sector 3 - Consultoria de Gestão

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Certified Since: April, 2015
Location: Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Sector 3 Ð Social Brokers is a management consultancy company created in April 2009, specialized in Social Entrepreneurship, mainly directed towards supporting the activity developed by Charitable Organizations in Portugal.

The SECTOR 3 DIRECTORY is a reliable and updated information source on the activity developed by some of the most important Charitable Organizations (CO) in Portugal.

Sector 3 Ð Social Brokers provides advisory services to BPI, one of the largest Portuguese bank, in their social responsibility initiatives ÒPrŽmio BPI CapacitarÓ and ÒPrŽmio BPI SenioresÓ, with an annual budget of EUR 1,000,000 for support the Charitable Organizations activity in Portugal.

Sector 3 intends to adopt and develop ethical and transparent behavior in relationships with all stakeholders, in particular, with customers, employees, partners, suppliers and the community in general.

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