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Platform for Work- Meeting- & Deskspaces + The Serendipity Machine
Certified Since: June, 2015
Location: Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Facilitating and connecting people is what drives Seats2meet.com (S2M). By doing so, they are creating a value network of independent professionals and organizations that they call ÒThe MeshÓ. Everything they do is aimed at creating serendipitous encounters, between people who donÕt know each other but are relevant for their professional growth and opportunities. Seats2meet.com facilitates a dynamic environment where people can meet each other, share knowledge and collaborate. It is an environment where people can use their knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to add value to a greater good. Inspire and be inspired!

Seats2meet.com asks people that enter the ecosystem to share their expertises. This allows them to match the total knowledge available in the network to those who are in need of this knowledge. This is how they bring the supply and demand of knowledge together. Start innovating today and come co-create the future!

Seats2meet.com aims to enhance the quality of transformational processes of professionals and organizations on their way to Society 3.0 (www.society30.com). By creating a 2-sided marketplace offering programs to enable, stimulate and improve the quality of physical and virtual networks we help individuals and organizations grow!

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