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Reuse marketplace for businesses
Certified Since: October, 2012
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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REfficient is an online marketplace where you can go shopping in other companiesÕ surplus inventory. When businesses are looking to buy equipment, they can check out REfficient.com first to see if another company has it as surplus, buy it and get it shipped directly to their door. By promoting reuse, customers save 20-50% off traditional buying sources and keep reusable product out of landfill and recycling.

Companies can also resell and recycle their surplus equipment through REfficient and get Go Green sustainability reporting, which gives metrics on waste diversion and carbon footprint estimations for their Corporate Responsibility reports. Currently REfficient.com handles Telecom, A/V, IT and Contractor equipment.

REfficient was started with the realization that a lot of perfectly good product was going to waste, even though there were other companies that could use it. Businesses lacked the knowledge of what to do with their surplus and the resources to manage it well.

REfficient was therefore launched to provide a better way -- help companies to save money, time and the environment by being efficient and effective with resources. Help them be ÒREfficientÓ and make informed choices that can be both good for business and good for the environment.

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