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Eco-design, production, sale and logistic of GREENPALLET ®: FSC, PEFC certified
Certified Since: November, 2017
Location: Viadana, Mantova, Italy
Sector: Manufacturing

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Palm is a family-owned business, founded in Viadana, Italy in 1980 by the Barzoni family. Palm has revolutionized the pallet industry in Italy.

Over the years, Palm has created a transparent model of tree-to-pallet production based on innovation, ecological and social responsibility. it was the first industry in Italy to have PEFC and FSC certifications. Moreover, the industrial model has been studied by the Italian Slow Food University, UNISG, and Politecnico di Torino of systemic design, which have written the Systemic Disciplinary a new approach that looks at the business as a whole in relation to nature and humanity.

GREENPALLET® is not a pallet!! It is a tool that aims to help other industries reduce their environmental impact. This is thanks to the use of 100% traced and certified wood and to the eco-design of the pallet, which at the same performances reduces the weight and volume of the raw material used. Wood waste from industrial processing is enhanced by Palm WP, a social cooperative ONLUS born out of Palm and today independent.

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