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Opaline SA

Fruit Juices
Certified Since: October, 2015
Location: Orsieres, Valais, Switzerland
Sector: Manufacturing

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Opaline is a Swiss company founded by people who share a passion. The passion of high quality natural fruit juices, made with respect for traditional know-how, nature and mankind.

Opaline’s juices are made exclusively from freshly pressed fruits and vegetables, sourced from local farmers. No concentrates. No preservatives. No colorings. Just a pure juice, just as nature intended it to be. Today, Opaline can be seen in over 900 retailers in Switzerland, from café-restaurants-hotels to hospitals and schools and of course, grocery stores.

It all began in a kitchen back in 2010, testing recipes and developing ideas on how to contribute to the safeguard of local agriculture. In 2011, Opaline invested in a small-scale fruit juice production line and started selling its products locally. Sales grew rapidly and the company transferred its production to a larger facility, powered by the solar energy.

Opaline has a “fair price” policy on all its needs in fruits and vegetables. It is also managed on a linear system, where all those involved in the development are considered as an essential part and thus treated equally. As for those directly employed by Opaline, they were all offered access to the share capital, with no minimum investment.

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