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OneSeventeen Media, PBC

Educational Technology (EdTech)
Certified Since: February, 2009
Location: Austin, Texas, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Proud to be Texas’ first B Corp, OneSeventeen Media makes kids’ lives better and easier to manage with MyMobileMentor™.

MyMobileMentor gives students a personal need-it-now digital mentor right in the palm of their hand – intuitively at-the-ready anytime they feel their life is getting tricky. For schools and parents, MyMobileMentor is a “digital first responder.” Meeting kids in their tech-based culture early gets to the heart of the matter quicker helping them make wiser decisions before they’re in deeper trouble.

OneSeventeen Media's suite of easy-to-use mobile apps helps kids see and self-solve social emotional situations. MyMobileMentor is full of kid-quippy, thought-provoking questions, action-oriented goals, tips & techniques. This student-tested, teacher-approved, evidence-based ecosystem helps students overcome challenges and find opportunities – turning dropouts into graduates. Students are happier. Schools are safer.

Having engaged 1.9 million students has validated that most days, all kids need a little help figuring out life and how to get along with the people around them.

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