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Certified Since: April, 2017
Location: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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CORRESPONSABLES is the Ibero-American communication media of reference in Social Responsibility and Sustainability. CORRESPONSABLEs is the only editorial specialized in the field of Social Responsibility and Sustainability of organizations. Its activity is centered on two aspects:On the one hand, it acts as a means of communication through the journal Corresponsables, the Yearbook Corresponsables, the Correspondent dossiers, the website www.corresponsables.com/.cl/.co/.ec/.mx/.pe, social networks and the celebration of the dialogues and events.On the other hand, it offers its services as editorial specialized in Social Responsibility and Sustainability for the realization of all types of products and editorial services and / or of communication and / or Social Responsibility, including the organization of conferences and events, destined to other Organizations.

To promote and disseminate through its media, editorial solutions and activities, the responsible and sustainable management and action of all types of organizations, and the shared efforts of all to create a better, more just, united and committed world.

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