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Marioway Srl SB

Innovative Electric Wheelchair
Certified Since: May, 2016
Location: Bergamo, Milano, Italy
Sector: Manufacturing

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Marioway project aims to bring to the market an innovative, hands-free, verticalizing, electric and app-connected wheelchair with unique design for people with walking impairments, meeting the users’ needs in terms of easier mobility, passive rehabilitation and relational symmetry restoration.

This will bring the disabled person at the same eye-level as able-bodied people thus standing as a unique added value, meeting an “unspoken” need till today.

Marioway is a cultural revolution, a tool of integration and first aid for people with walking impairments, admired and desired by able-bodied! Our goal is to narrow the disability gap.

The long-term outcome aspired by Marioway is the improvement of the quality of life of those currently bound to a wheelchair. These persons’ quality of life fundamentally depends on 1) Health; 2) Relationships; 3) Esteem; 4) Self-actualisation; 5) Quality of life; where one need being met is the precondition for achieving another.

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