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Certified Since: September, 2015
Location: La Rochelle, Nouvelle Aquitaine, France
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Founded in 2012, Lumo is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to renewable energy projects.

Everybody can co-finance in a collaborative manner, giving meaning to their investment and delivering energy to their grid. With as little as 25 euros, people can help fund a variety of renewable energy projects.

Lumo is regulated by the French Financial Markets Authorities (AMF – Autorités des Marchés Financiers) as a ‘Conseiller en Investissements Participatifs.'

A big believer in Impact Investing since 2008, our co-founder Alex Raguet wanted Lumo to be a B Corp since day one. When the concept arrived in France in 2015, the team jumped on the opportunity.

Lumo wants to speed up the energy transition to renewable by using technology. Thanks to Lumo, everybody will be able to help fight against climate change.

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