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Lifesaver Power

Phone power as a service
Certified Since: June, 2019
Location: London, London, United Kingdom
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Lifesaver Power exists to empower people in areas of need.

Lifesaver provides phone power as a service across live events and venues, encouraging shared ownership of phone power through a circular and sustainable model. Focused on building the largest renewably powered energy network, allowing users to pick up power in one location and swap it for a full one in another, thus helping to reduce our demand on our resources through sharing.

All of the power banks are filled with renewable energy which saves 13 pints of CO2 every charge. After the lifecycle, the batteries are upcycled with charity Liter of Light to power off-grid street lights in areas where there isn't electricity.

Lifesaver’s overall mission is to empower people while protecting the planet. The service is sustainable, creating positive social impact by encouraging societal change to the way we view and consume energy - specifically instilling the belief that by optimizing our use of resources, we can all contribute towards a sustainable future.

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