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Laboratoires Expanscience (main brand: Mustela)

skin health
Certified Since: April, 2018
Location: Paris La Défense, Paris, France
Sector: Manufacturing

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Created in 1950, the family-owned company has built an international reputation for innovation and expertise in the treatment of osteoarthritis and skin health. Its two leading brands, Piasclédine 300 and Mustela, are present in more than 110 countries.
Expanscience also develops and markets natural-based ingredients for the cosmetics industry in France and internationally.
The preservation of the health capital of individuals, whether their mobility or the health of their skin, has been, from the beginning, at the heart of the group's growth strategy.
With their desire to support healthcare professionals in their role of prevention, advice and information, Laboratoires Expanscience has implemented numerous educational, pedagogical and experience-sharing initiatives for patients and consumers.
The entire value chain is integrated into the company, from research to distribution to production. His groundbreaking research, focused on cartilage and skin barrier functions, has resulted in 933 Dermo-Cosmetics, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Cosmetic active ingredients patent filings worldwide since 1997.

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