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Fratelli Carli SpA

Olive Oil and Gastronomy Products
Certified Since: July, 2014
Location: Imperia, Liguria, Italy
Sector: Manufacturing

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Fratelli Carli is a historical olive oil company founded in 1911; since then, it has been selling goods directly to its customers, by mail order and delivery, right to the door and over the world. Starting from the 2000s, the company also gave life to a retail chain presently including 5 Empori, namely in Imperia, Turin, Milan, Padua and Cuneo.

The company produces and sells olive oil, products preserved in olive oil typical of Liguria as well as of the Mediterranean culinary tradition; gastronomy-products having olive oil as the basic ingredient of their special tastiness. Additionally, there is also a range of wines and cosmetic products.

Historical collaborations with highly selected suppliers, strict and permanent monitoring of the different production steps have contributed to determine a very short production chain allowing the company, on the one hand, to guarantee product excellence, on the other hand to respect nature, the ecosystem, the soil and man, by promoting the diffusion of the Mediterranean culture, that has always been related to the olive tree and to olive oil.

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