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Projectmanagement, consultancy, venture building
Certified Since: January, 2014
Location: Bunschoten, Netherlands
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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The B Impact Scores are being compared against all businesses that have completed the B Impact Assessment

Dutch Group provides project management and program management with the aim to build better businesses for every stakeholder involved. With entrepreneurship embedded in the company’s DNA, Dutch Group connects the vision of entrepreneurs with the success and impact they aim to achieve. Working as a partner of entrepreneurs, Dutch Group is committed to the result. Dutch Group demonstrates this commitment by participating in the risks and results of every project. Dutch Group adds value by assisting companies to innovate, grow and enlarge their impact: social, ecologic and economic.

Dutch Group is also an initiator of new social or environmental initiatives. One example is Beebox which is a delivery service of regional food to households. The products are directly delivered from the farmer to the consumer’s house. This system makes other parties in the supply chain unnecessary and therefore reduces the negative impact of transporting products on the environment.

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