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Danone Iberia

Essential Dairy and Plant-Based Products
Certified Since: September, 2016
Location: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Sector: Manufacturing

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Danone aims to create a food ecosystem that works in harmony with people, the environment and the communities in which we operate.
To create a positive impact both in people’s health and the planet, Danone Iberia’s mission is to engage consumers in healthy eating habits through education and specific nutritional commitments. There is a focus on early ages to ensure future healthier lives, with “Alimentando el Cambio” (“Nurturing the Change”) and “Escuelas Danone” (“Danone Schools”) programs. Additionally, Danone Iberia integrates the importance of reducing its impact on the environment with projects through the company’s value chain, with 100% renewable electricity and zero waste in factories.
With a healthy portfolio, the quality of products is due to the selection of the best raw materials. Danone collects more than 1 million liters of fresh milk daily from more than 250 Spanish farmers, in some cases working with 2nd and 3rd generation farmers.
Danone Iberia is formed by 3 legal entities: Danone, S.A. and Industrias Lácteas de Canarias, S.A. based in Spain and Danone Portugal, S.A. located in Portugal, which have completed 2 assessments (one per country).

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