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Logo for Bio Clean Pulizie Ecosostenibili di Gallo Alberto

Bio Clean Pulizie Ecosostenibili di Gallo Alberto

Cleaning Services With Organic Products
Certified Since: November, 2016
Location: Masate, Milano, Italy
Sector: Service with Significant Environmental Footprint

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Bio Clean is a cleaning company that uses certified organic products, enriched with essential oils. They also use cutting-edge systems that save on water consumption and help to conserve water instead of wasting it. It only takes 2 liters of water and 4 scoops of their organic product to clean a kindergarten classroom floor, where children first put their hands on the ground, then in their mouth. All their cleaning products (fabrics, sponges, towels etc.) are machine-washed with organic detergents each time, so they are ready to be re-used for the next round.

Bio Clean aims to increase awareness to encourage a cultural change. Hopefully, this will help consumers learn how to change their habits and consume in a sustainable, ecological and conscious way.

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