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Better World Fashion

Leather jackets
Certified Since: January, 2017
Location: Aalborg, Aalborg, Denmark
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Better World Fashion is a sustainability pioneer in the fashion industry. The company believes that sustainable fashion is much more than organic cotton. The company has created the first collection of new leather jackets made of 98% recycled materials. Everything leather, linen, and metals is reused. Better World uses a sustainable business model, where jackets are either sold with a buyback guarantee or rented to the consumer. This ensures that the resources are recycled and does not leave the closed leather cycle.

Each jacket is unique and very special. The use of recycled materials, especially leather means that each jacket has its own unique expression. The consumer can thus create his own style and identity. In addition, the consumer can continue the current consumption model without negative consequences for the environment.

Each jacket its own unique ID and via the included app the consumers can see the jacket's unique history and add new experiences to the jacket. This co-creative universe ensures that the typical impairment where clothes are rapidly devaluated, will be delayed or even reversed. Better World Fashion reclaim, repurchase and revive – even recycling the lives of the jacket’s owners.

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