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Organic plant based drinks, yoghurts and granolas
Certified Since: September, 2018
Location: Badia Polesine, Rovigo, Italy
Sector: Manufacturing

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Isola Bio is a House with solid foundations – from their beginnings, their roots have been in organic, plant-based, sustainable food. They have been hosting genuineness for 20 years now…and want to keep such a special guest over forever!

Isola Bio has always been committed to supporting health-conscious food choices. It’s a fact – they can’t help believing in truly organic eating habits and have been putting all their passion into nurturing them right from the start. It all begins in their own Italian Lands, where they carefully grow the finest cereals that bring you their trademark organic deliciousness every day. Season by season, Isola Bio delivers pure goodness with a little help from Nature and the hard work of their dedicated farmers. You reap just what you sow. The secret is as simple as that.

From the cereals they harvest and select, they produce naturally tasty, high-quality products with one big thing in mind – your health and that of the planet. And their organic menu keeps adding more and more products: not just drinks, but a full offer for all-day round organic nutrition.

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