Collective action and coalitions

As the B Corp Movement continues to grow, so do opportunities for collaboration between individuals, businesses, industries and communities at large to address society’s most pressing issues.

there is no planet b protest

B Corp Climate Collective

there is no planet b protest

Businesses have a critical opportunity to lead by drawing down carbon as rapidly as possible — and use their platforms to directly address the injustices brought about and exacerbated by climate change. 

B Corp Climate Collective is a group of Certified B Corporations and other businesses working with our network of B Lab and Sistema B organizations to halt and reverse the current climate trajectory. The B Corp Climate Collective develops resources in partnership with allied organizations to support businesses’ climate action journeys, including the Climate Justice Playbook for Business and the B Climate Tools Base.

windmills landscape

Interdependence Coalition

windmills landscape

B Lab Europe launched the Interdependence Coalition with the ambition to change company law at a European level, so we can truly unleash the power of business to be the force for good.

But influencing policy across the region is a long-term ambition that will require time, evidence, and strength in numbers. The coalition aims to:

  • Build a strong case for stakeholder governance and management
  • Demystify the concept of stakeholder governance and management
  • Build a coalition of leaders across business, academia, law, policymaking, and environmental practice to speak with one voice on the changes we seek in the world.

Power in Numbers

  • 80
    Companies have joined the Interdependence Coalition
  • 27
    B Corps joined the Beauty Coalition
  • 34
    Working groups across Europe
  • 1.200
    Businesses committed to Net Zero by 2030

Beauty Coalition

The ‘B Beauty’ Coalition envisions a new approach to beauty that prioritises soil as much as skin, nature as much as natural, evidence as much as ego, and impact as much as performance.

Initiated by Davines and Skandinavisk with the support of Dr. Bronner’s, Expanscience Laboratoires, Rudolph Care and N&B Natural is Better, the Coalition is composed of 26 members from 3 continents with a vision to deliver ‘beauty for good’.

They commit to working together to share knowledge and best practices, spark exploration and responsible innovation, and to speak consistently and clearly, to deliver genuine benefits to our customers, our communities, our suppliers, and our planet.

hands on the table diversity

Let's Play Equal

hands on the table diversity

An initiative kickstarted by B Corps in the creative industry in the Benelux region to create an experience where people get to see the beauty of diversity in a playful way, to create understanding, awareness and most importantly build meaningful connections.


Take collective action

Around the world, collective action initiatives are led by B Corporations with support and involvement from the B Lab and the B Lab Global Network. B Corps use the B Hive to connect, collaborate, and take collective action on a number of different issues.

Are you interested in kickstarting a collective action initiative? Find B Corps based on sector, region and impact area are start a conversation!