Bottega Filosofica

Bottega Filosofica is a boutique consulting company that supports organizations in being better for themselves and the world.

About Bottega Filosofica

What we do:

Learning pathways, coaching, advisory and facilitation for people, organizations and companies that want to be better, prettier, fair and richer for the world.

Our mission:

– We believe in a possible future of beauty and abundance for all
– we bring method and imagination
– to develop sustainable innovation and prosperity
– with people and organizations that want to have a positive impact on their ecosystem

Thanks to our knowledge and experience and that of our partners, we are able to support in a complete and systemic way the companies that want to realize their purpose for a better world.

– We provide proper inspiration, support and tools to companies that aspire to become a B Corp or Benefit Company but do not know whether or not they meet the requirements and are afraid of wasting time and energy;
– want to undertake one of these ways and, aware that they do not meet the requirements, would like to start a strategic and sustainable plan of adaptation to the requirements;
– they do not wish right now to undertake such a commitment but desire to have a more positive impact on their internal and external ecosystem.

Over the years we have supported companies of different sizes, from SMEs to global corporations, adapting our approach according to the needs of the client.

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