Country Partner - Germany

The German B Corp Chapters starts from Berlin, and is highly networked internationally.

Here are some key facts & figures: The German B Corp network is hosted by GEXSI, a Berlin based impact investing & social enterprise advisory and think tank, which evolved from an initiative of the World Economic Forum in Davos back in 2001: The Global Exchange for Social Investment. GEXSI itself is a Certified B Corporation, the second after first mover ecosia.

The GEXSI team is highly networked in the Impact Investing community, and is intrigued about the power of inclusive and social enterprise models which are developed now anywhere in the world. More information about GEXSI:

GEXSI 2014 B Impact Report

GEXSI Website


B Corp Germany's founding team is led by GEXSI's CEO Andreas Renner; it includes three top-edge sustainability & change management experts, who just founded their joint start-up company "The Dive":

Simon Berkler

Ulf Brandes

Jorn Apel 

Ulf Brandes also founder of the Initiative Go21, co-authored the recent book "Management Y" and initiator of the film "Augenhöhe" which features entrepreneurs who treat their employess at eye level.

The team's international orientation is further underlined by its pro bono staff Soledad Santelices Izquierdo from Chile and Sonja Hiemisch who works from Toronto, Canada.

Contact: Andreas Renner / GEXSI GmbH / Joachimstrasse 10 / 10119 Berlin /