Finance & Operations Manager

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New York, NY

Job Type: 

Full Time



Job Title: Finance & Operations Manager

Job Description:


The Finance & Operations Manager keeps the internal wheels of the company spinning while constantly seeking opportunities to optimize processes and create efficiencies. You will be a key player in several of Catchafire’s most critical activities: financial modeling and reporting, financial operations, bookkeeping support, legal operations, office management and special projects. You will be integral to implementing the systems and processes that will allow Catchafire scale sustainably as we continue to grow.


  • Analytical: You are extremely logical, reasoned, and adept at discovering root causes and assumptions. You are particularly skilled at assessing the relative tradeoffs between alternative courses of action and at performing proper cost-benefit analyses of various decisions.
  • Intense hunger to learn: You are constantly seeking out new information, alternative methods and perspectives, tips and advice, and new tools to improve yourself and the functional areas you are tasked with leading.
  • High integrity: You will be asked to make sensitive and critical judgment calls, and as such, you are known for your integrity; you take that reputation seriously. You always choose to make the right decision versus the easy decision. You know what information is sensitive, and you will protect it accordingly.
  • Low ego: You have a positive, rolls-up-your-sleeves mindset. You possess humility and grit, willing to take on both “lower level” and “higher level” work based on what needs to be done.
  • Keep many balls in the air: You are efficient and organized. You can take in a range of events at different levels of urgency and importance, formulate responses, and keep progress going on many fronts at once.
  • Unwavering attention to detail: You are meticulous and have excellent organizational skills. You are able to work fast without cluttering your desk or mind. You have a knack for project management and a love for bullet points. You cringe at typos, and you are the first to identify a formatting error. You obsess about the details (in a healthy way).


  • Support the Business Strategist on critical financial management activities, including financial modeling, projection, planning, and investor relations
  • Build systems and processes to improve the effectiveness of company operations
  • Manage relationships with vendors that support company operations, such as accounting and legal counsel
  • Oversee day-to-day operations including but not limited to bookkeeping, record keeping, cash-flow monitoring, vendor payments and relations, and office management
  • Manage legal operations including cap table maintenance, file management, and legal communication
  • Work closely with the Business Strategist on special projects

Experience Required:

Must have:

  • 4+ years of relevant work experience with at least 2+ years in banking, consulting, investor relations, or financial operations
  • Demonstrated excellence in financial modeling
  • Strong project management skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Mission driven

To Apply:

If our values resonate with you, email your resume to Include "Operations Manager" in the subject, and please include short answers to the following questions: (1) Why do you want to work at Catchafire? (2) What is your personal philosophy on work? This position is based in New York City.


60 - 70k