Enterprise Accounts Senior Associate

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New York, NY

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Full Time



Job Title: Enterprise Accounts Senior Associate

Job Description:

Essence of the Role


The Enterprise Accounts Associate is responsible for key internal and external tasks that are required to deliver the best quality service to Catchafire enterprise clients. You report to a Enterprise Accounts Manager, and you help coordinate Catchafire teammates across marketing, customer success, product and tech in order to produce deliverables by agreed-upon deadlines and use those deliverables as inputs to successful client outcomes. The person best suited to this role is naturally organized, has superior interpersonal and communication skills, and, with more experience, has the makings of an effective project manager and Accounts Director. You have a desire to learn about program design and management, client service, marketing strategy, and tech and product development.





  • Support the Accounts Director on all program activities for the account, including client management and relationship-building activities. This work may include:

    • supporting the development of a client management and engagement strategy

    • drafting pre and post meeting emails to the client

    • managing junior level client contacts and owning those relationships

    • managing grantees or employee-volunteers directly, if required

    • coordinating client and internal schedules

  • Support the Accounts Director on forward-looking, strategic client work such as program design, program reshaping, and renewal. This work may also include drafting, fleshing out, or refining the Accounts Director’s initial ideas for the strategy or her preliminary conception of the plan

  • Support the Accounts Director as she manages internal teams to generate deliverables for the client. This may mean leading a specific project and coordinating internally to ensure that deadlines are met and that the quality of work is high. This also includes being a responsive team player to your teammates, providing knowledge of the accounts and input on teammates’ internal projects and initiatives

  • Support the Accounts Director in transitioning the client from Sales to Accounts, procurement, and client onboarding

  • Support the Accounts Director on projects with Tech and Product Teams, including input on product specs, troubleshooting with site bugs, navigating backend systems, and testing features in a QA environment

  • Support the Accounts Director during program launch activities, including creating contact email lists, drafting copy, monitoring campaigns, and event planning

  • Manage internal systems and ensure that each client’s data is up-to-date

  • Monitor progression of ongoing programs against client success metrics as well as internal success metrics and report to the Accounts Director as needed

  • Help to synthesize client information on a weekly basis for reporting and internal team meetings

  • Generate fresh ideas aimed at improving success metrics and client happiness

  • Provide responsive, high-quality support to clients:


  • provide timely responses (within 1 business day) to questions, concerns, and requests from corporate admins

  • coordinate with internal stakeholders as necessary to address bigger customer service issues



  • Systematic: You work methodically and like to create appropriate and effective structures to help you and your team accomplish goals. You excel at implementing, optimizing, and, when necessary, overhauling processes to make the team more effective.

  • Unwavering attention to detail: You understand the professional standards that our clients expect, and you hold yourself and your teammates to a high bar of delivery. You ensure that every piece of work that is produced under your watch is excellent.

  • Collaborator: You are known to be an excellent team player. You are empathetic and supportive, winning the buy-in of your team by demonstrating servant leadership qualities. As the quarterback, you ensure that your teammates understand their role on the team and that they work well together to achieve the right end result for the client.

  • Relationship acumen: You begin by listening and asking rather than telling your superiors your opinions. You make your teammates feel heard and are able to explain a complex situation or process simply in order to establish buy-in and avoid confusion. You have great people intuition and are able to help Accounts Directors navigate through client ecosystems.

  • Quick to learn and adjust: You thrive on being able to process large amounts of information quickly and learning from every experience. You understand how minor shifts in client goals will influence the how and why of the team’s operations and objectives. You are not afraid to try something new and are constantly thinking about what we can do better based on what we’ve learned so far.

  • Creatively solve problems working backwards from the objective: You arrive quickly at an understanding of the client's objectives and the root causes behind an issue, including any issues that might be in tension with one another. You solve the problem in a resourceful, analytical way that is in service to Catchafire but also meets the client's own business objectives. You can drive this kind of problem solving in real time, working with clients or others to help them see the implications of their objectives for what needs to be done.

  • Do what it takes attitude: No task is too small or arduous if it is in service of larger goals. You are hungry for responsibility of any size and can see how tiny pieces of work elevate an overall experience. You are willing to take on unpleasant tasks when asked and enjoy the rush of hitting seemingly unattainable goals and deadlines.


Experience Required:

Experience / Background


Must Have:

  • 2+ years of relevant work experience supporting client facing teams in areas such as strategy or management consulting, or finance

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Excellent creative problem solving and critical thinking ability

  • Demonstrated project management skills

Nice to Have:

  • Proficiency in Excel and task management tools such as Asana

  • Experience in a corporate environment

  • Experience in employee engagement or program management

To Apply:

If our values resonate with you, email your resume to careers@catchafire.org. Include " Enterprise Accounts Senior Associate" in the subject, and please include short answers to the following questions: (1) Why do you want to work at Catchafire? (2) What does it take to be a great client relationship manager? (3) How do you approach personal and professional growth?


Competitive salary commensurate with experience