Office Manager and Reception

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Full Time



Job Title: Office Manager and Reception

Job Description:

Office Manager and Reception As of 06.01.17

This job exists to provide:

1. Provide a warm welcome for BSW Clients and related professionals.
2. Ensure the smooth operations of the BSW office (HR, payables, tech, and supplies).
3. Provide superior service and problem-solving solutions to our clients.

Top Accountabilities, Results & Weightings:

1. Provide a warm welcome for BSW Clients and related professionals = 25% of KMR
* Optimize client satisfaction
* Provide timely and effective client communication, follow-up and quality discharge of client requests.
* Direct clients to the appropriate BSW member(s) as needed.
* As appropriate, delegate phone answering duties to Ruby.
* Execute administrative duties as necessary, with particular emphasis on all standard account paperwork for Schwab and other custodians (transfers, account applications, modification, etc.)

Metrics & Measurement (provide action and dates):

* Quarterly review with shareholders targeting one core operations project per quarter.

1. Ensure the smooth operations of the BSW office (HR, Payables, Tech, and supplies) = 70% of KMR
* Ensure the smooth operations of the BSW office, this includes but is not limited to:
* Ensuring BSW is fully stocked with all business supplies needed to operate efficiently
* Filing in an efficient manner (both paper and electronic)
* Managing mail, shipping, and delivery as needed for the timely execution of business matters
* Coordinating timely deposits to local custodian branch
* Ensuring kitchens are kept stocked with the usual and customary supplies
* Manage BSW HR processes to ensure effective day-to-day operations
* Hiring and exit procedures
* Payroll and benefits
* 401(k) administration
* Vendor/employee liaison
* Oversee accounts payable and help improve the financial performance of BSW by facilitating the production of monthly financial statements by BSW’s accountant and through the identification, recommendation, and implementation of more efficient procedures and cost controls.
* Oversee BSW technology platform by serving as the in-house point person for questions and issues, then troubleshooting and/or coordinating with our IT consultants to address issues efficiently. Recommend appropriate changes to technology system including phone, the internet, and office equipment.

Metrics & Measurement (provide action and dates)

* Logging participation in client meetings.
* Tracking of proactive outreach to clients.

1. Execute on your personalized COI Action Plan = 5% of KMR

Metrics & Measurement (provide action and dates):

* Based on observation, proactivity, and completion of personalized COI action plan.

1. Enhance BSW’s Culture
* Contribute to a highly effective organization that produces exceptional client service and amazing results by fostering mutual trust; open, honest, and candid communication; effective teamwork; and an unrestrained sense of enthusiasm, commitment, and FUN.

1. Help BSW meet its Goals, Objectives, and Purpose

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Casey Martin

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Work Phone: (303) 444-9696


Depends on experience