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For TTC, B Corp has only benefits

Since half of its clients are in the United States, becoming a B Corp was a no-brainer for Dutch social enterprise TTC (previously called Text To Change). Now TTC co-founder Hajo van Beijma hopes to use the network to expand in Europe, Latin America and South-East Asia.

Mobile technology for social change

TTC uses mobile technology services to collect data and communicate information for social change in developing countries. Most recently, its technology has been used to prevent the spread of Ebola by giving valuable health advice to citizens in West-Africa. Clients like the World Bank, the World Health Organization and USAID use TTC’s technology for services ranging from improving financial awareness among women entrepreneurs in Peru to spreading a smoking prevention campaign in Uganda. The Amsterdam-based B Corp has already reached millions of people in 23 countries in Africa, Asia and South America.

Unusual combination

From the start in 2007, TTC realized it was different than the usual players who work in developing countries. “We are a for-profit organization, but we have a social mission,” says co-founder Hajo van Beijma. “That is a very unusual combination when you work in developing countries. Normally, you are either an ngo or you are a multinational corporation like Shell. When we came across B Corp, we realized we fitted that box.”

Lead generator

Being a B Corp helps Van Beijma dealing with existing clients and new prospects. “People find us on the B Corp website and get in touch. The network is a lead generator for us. Especially in the US, where B Corp is better known and where the majority of our clients happen to be based. I am confident that the network and its benefits will grow steadily in Europe, South America and Asia as well. Our position as a frontrunner in Europe will help to get the most out of the network. If I look at the founding class in Europe, I think I would like to cooperate with practically all of these companies in some way or another.” 

75% discount

As a certified B Corp TTC does not only benefits when dealing with other B Corps. “The Salesforce Foundation offers their software with a 75% discount to B Corporations,” says Van Beijma. “They have visited us already twice to present their services and offered an enormous discount. We are not sure if we are going to use it, but these kind of offers make becoming a B Corp very lucrative.”


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