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SQUIZ awarded Produit de l’Année 2016!

Utopies our B Corp country partner in France just sent us this great news!


SQUIZ, a small but enthusiastic values-driven business, launched France’s first reusable food pouch just 20 short months ago. SQUIZ pouches are the only product of their type, worldwide, to source over 60% of their product cost from local suppliers. From the founders’ perspective, it was a real industrial challenge to prove that it is possible to make consumer products locally and still make them profitable. Since their commercial launch, SQUIZ has prevented the creation of over 50 tons of non-recyclable consumer waste through the use of their reusable products.

SQUIZ views their attribution of the label “Elu Produit de l’Année” (translated: Product of the Year) as a true measure of their commercial success: SQUIZ won their category with a customer satisfaction index of 92% (Nielsen)! Usually perceived as the reserved domain for products from large multinational corporations, there are few small businesses who register their products to compete for this award. Recognized by over 90% of consumers under the age of 50, SQUIZ has high hopes that the “Elu Produit de l’Année” label will help bring their products to attention of France’s largest distribution networks.

Acclaimed for its fight against packaging waste, SQUIZ has already helped to save, during its first year, 50 tons of household waste in France! This young French family business has strong values that are deeply rooted in sustainable development as well as social responsibility and consequently this has led SQUIZ to be one of the first French companies to receive the B Corp Certification.

What a fantastic way to start 2016 and B the Change!

Product of the Year is the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation. Established 29 years ago in France, POY currently operates in 43 countries with the same purpose: Guide consumers to the best products in their market and reward manufacturers for quality and innovation. 


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