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Meet the B Corps - Best for the World - Mondora


Mondora, founded in 2002, is a software and advisory company specializing in technology governance and providing innovative software solutions, development, design, and technical training to a range of large organizations, across multiple industries. 

Mondora was Best for the World in the categories "Governance" and "Changemakers".



MH: What does being on the Best for the World list mean for your company?

We are very proud to be on the Best for the World list because it’s a wonderful recognition of all our hard work and all the work of our customers and other stakeholders that helped us make this possible. We are especially proud of being on the Changemakers list as mondora enjoys being a disruptive company that is always pushing boundaries and challenging established models. 


MH: What practices has your company implemented that has helped you become Best for the World?

(Changemakers) Firstly, all of our software is built around both business requirements and benefit requirements. We connect our software to an app we called Spluga that helps us monitor and measure the benefit created. An example of this is a software that enables accountants to go digital and use much less paper, and Spluga measures how many sheets of paper and consequently how much co2 this software is saving.  Secondly, in all our contracts with customers, we incorporate an Interdependence clause. With this clause, we work together with the customer in creating benefit as well as software. We also connect different customers and enable them to work on a benefit project together.  
(Governance) We are a company of adults and our working relationship is based on trust. All financial information is shared with everyone, there are no set budgets and teams can manage expenses autonomously. We have no managers, but all work together for the purpose of creating positive impact. 



MH: In what ways does the company include and consider your stakeholders in achieving your mission and having a positive impact? How has it contributed to the company fulfilling its mission? 

Our customers and the community that surrounds us play a central role in contributing to the positive impact that we create together. Our mission is to support the local agricultural community of Valtellina and to improve the lives of the people that inhabit this territory. We achieve this through Benefit Projects such as and, through an extensive welfare programme for our workers and by including customers in the impact creation through Interdependence Clauses in contract agreements and by connecting the benefit measuring software Spluga to all our work.


MH: What has your company learned about its operations and areas for improvement by certifying through the B Impact Assessment?

We found the assessment to be very useful in understanding areas of improvement that we hadn’t thought of. Although we are an IT company, we are particularly interested in improving in the environment area which we consider very important, especially in relation to the local territory and community. 




MH: Does the company actively seek improvement in its B Impact Assessment score? If yes, what goals do you have for continued improvement?

We believe in continuous learning and improvement and some of the goals we have include an improved welfare programme for our workers and, most importantly, a number of Benefit Projects that include collaboration with other B Corps and that benefit the local community of Valtellina. 


MH: Is your company targeting Best for the World lists it isn’t already on? If so, which ones and how does it hope to achieve that target?

We are doing a lot of work with the local community and we hope to be able to capture this in the next assessment round and perhaps join the list, as community is a top priority for us. We are also making improvements in the Environment section, especially in monitoring energy and water use and setting reduction targets, as well as creating an app that helps us measure how much CO2 some of the software we make is helping to reduce. 






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