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Meet the B Corps - Best for the World - Allegro 234

Allegro 234

Allegro 234 builds timeless brands from the future. It anticipates the patterns to create landmarks and metaphors with a personal touch, mastering the details, empowering the sense of harmony and integration.

Allegro 234 was Best for the World in the category "Workers".



MH: What does being on the Best for the World list mean for your company?

Allegro 234 is quite proud to be recognized for this achievement. It´s a clear third-party recognition for some cultural practices that we have in place since our foundation in 2003 and we are still improving.   


MH: What practices has your company implemented that has helped you become Best for the World?

In the Workers category, we have implemented the following practices:
1.        We allow our full-time employees to dedicate 5% of their time to pro-bono or volunteer projects proposed by themselves and voted on by all
2.        Our onboarding process for new employees includes a first-day lunch with the whole team, in order to introduce ourselves informally. We also give each of them a copy of the “Allegro 234 handbook”, to guide them during the first days. 
3.        We give great importance to the strength of the team and its members. The selection, hiring, and development of employees are based on merit, knowledge, and experience, as well as their values, behaviors and social skills. The latter takes precedence over professional skills.
4.        In terms of social benefits, we have some that go beyond those provided by law. For example, paternity leave doubles the legal requirement, time dedicated to training and learning, and various insurance according to the need of each person
5.        Aware of the importance of balancing the different aspects of life, we promote habits that help employees to achieve and maintain it. We encourage the work based on results, beyond physical presence 



MH: In what ways does the company include and consider your stakeholders in achieving your mission and having a positive impact? How has it contributed to the company fulfilling its mission? 

The voice of all our stakeholders is present in our annual strategic reviews (with employees and clients there is more interaction). We contact employees, clients, alumni, suppliers through online surveys, interviews and workshops. Their answers and the results of the different conversations help us keeping our purpose relevant. Installing this process we demand ourselves to go beyond the expectations of our stakeholders and surprise them, without losing our identity´s signs that are consolidating year after year.


MH: What has your company learned about its operations and areas for improvement by certifying through the B Impact Assessment?

The B Impact Assesment is an exceptional tool for reflection and learning. Each of the areas that are analized, allows to focus on the specific aspects to improve, maintain and even recognize as difficult to reach. It also allows us to carry out the business model and grow while maintaining the foundations of this growth. The four pillars of certification are key to the sustainability of the company.

In our particular case, the assessment has helped us to focus brand strategies for our clients with a holistic vision. We help the brand become a strategic business platform to be the best company for the world, attending to the economic result and the positive impacts on the social and environmental.



MH: Does the company actively seek improvement in its B Impact Assessment score? If yes, what goals do you have for continued improvement?

Allegro 234 seeks improvement fundamentally in the Customer Chapter –not exclusive. We help our clients in the design of services which solve social or environmental issues (create economic opportunity for individuals or communities, promotes the arts/sciences).
One of the main changes we have done during last year was to establish that all our services must be under the umbrella of “creating sustainable long-lasting economic, social and environmental value through developing and revitalizing meaningful and authentic brand experiences”


MH: Is your company targeting Best for the World lists it isn’t already on? If so, which ones and how does it hope to achieve that target?

Whatever we do is because we are convinced of, not as the result of being in a ranking list. Then, if awards arrive, of course we are honored and feel happy, and they are welcome!






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