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Meet the B Corps - Best for the World 2017 - Thermaflex NWE


Thermaflex NWE develops and produces smart and sustainable insulation and pre-insulated piping solutions based on polyolefin plastics. It’s nature-inspired design for efficiency, durability and recyclability demands a minimum of resources for maximum benefit in respect to energy, economy, environment and quality of life

This year Thermaflex NWE was Best for the World in the category "Environment".


MH: What does being on the Best for the World list mean for your company?

Being recognized among the Best for the World is a great honor for everyone at Thermaflex. Following our 2014 and 2015 Best for the Environment Awards, it shows that we have been able to reach, keep and improve our contributions to a better society. It is not only a great tribute to our benefit model, but also provides guidance, focus and partnerships in achieving our dream of a sustainable future for generations to come. To be considered a changemaker further boosts our sense of responsibility. Because true, meaningful change is a continuous challenge in a society that requires sustainable and equitable transitions.  


MH: What practices has your company implemented that has helped you become Best for the World?

In our markets, numerous developments underline our drive to make a positive impact, such as our continuous improvements on the energy performance, material, health and recyclability of our solutions, sealed through Cradle to Cradle certifications. We also recently launched a reclaim program to take back all residual product wastes and recycle them into our production process. Also in our own organization, we run various in-house programs to minimize our environmental impact. In Europe, 95% of the energy use of our facilities comes from renewable sources. Quality assurance and environmental management systems are implemented to continuously monitor and improve operational processes. Since our certification in 2014, successive B Corp assessments have pushed us to have more considerations for the social aspects of our business model, taking into consideration the interests of the widest possible range of stakeholders.


MH: In what ways does the company include and consider your stakeholders in achieving your mission and having a positive impact? How has it contributed to the company fulfilling its mission? 

The way our society deals with its resources - especially energy and water - affects all of us today, and especially future generations. It has become clear that traditional models need to become sustainable in relation to lifetime, resource efficiency and circularity. 

That's why our mission is also about shifting mindsets. We aim to evolve social norms inside organizations to think about sustainability proactively and embed sustainable perspectives in day-to-day decision-making. We engage our stakeholders in our ambitions and strive to co-create where we can to maximize the benefit for all - from the level of the individual customer to communities and their first-line servicing companies, we aim to stimulate stakeholder platforms and share best practice solutions with measurable benefits.

As an employer, we aim to be a source of energy for passionate employees, empowering and engaging them to unfold and expand their potential. By offering them the opportunity to grow, develop and play on their own strengths while operating worldwide in a safe and responsible way, we regard them as the single most important resource of the company.


MH: Does the company actively seek improvement in its B Impact Assessment score? If yes, what goals do you have for continued improvement?

Within the Thermaflex Group, a growing number of local companies is becoming certified and/or use the assessment for further improvement. Especially in those aspects where we score lower, we need to improve awareness and revise our business model, value propositions and practical approach accordingly. We aim to realize such improvements and measure the results within 6-12 months.



MH: Is your company targeting Best for the World lists it isn’t already on? If so, which ones and how does it hope to achieve that target?

The aim is not to be on a list, but to inspire, connect and learn how to improve our contribution to society.






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