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Meet the B Corps #13 Lemon Tri

Meet the B Corps #13 Lemon Tri

For the thirteenth edition of Meet the B Corps, B Lab Europe interviewed Alice Meréchal of French B Corp Lemon Tri. Alice told us a little bit more about the impact the B Corp Certification has had on the company and the kind of Change Lemon Tri seeks to achieve. 

Lemon Tri is a young company founded in 2011 who aims to optimize recycling on-the-go.Through their innovative machines, they offer a service to identify, sort, collect and process used beverage containers (cans, plastic bottles, beakers). Their turnkey system fits perfectly in all away-from-home situations: canteens, lunch rooms, cafeterias, campuses, malls, hospitals.

To engage more people in recycling, they set up incentive schemes adapted to each location: games and lottery, rewards via coupons, loyalty card, etc

All collected waste are recycled with state-of-the-art technology by their recycling partners. Lemon Tri monitors the performance of all their collection points, provides reporting and delivers recycling certificates to their clients.


Tell us a bit about the history of your company.

Lemon Tri was founded in 2011 by Augustin Jaclin and Emmanuel Bardin, two childhood friends. They have always wanted to launch a project together in the field of environment ! When they were traveling during their studies, they discovered sorting machines, in countries where deposit systems exist. They decided to import and adapt the concept to the French context. Lemon Tri was born!​


Why did you become a B Corp?

Generating social and environmental good has framed the Lemon Tri project from the beginning. Pursuing BCorp certification was for us a way to strengthen our foothold in the social business landscape and to commit to keep improving our societal impact. We saw this international network of companies sharing common values as a great opportunity to develop new partnerships. Being part of the BCorp community finally enables us to differentiate our company and promote our business approach.   



What difference has becoming a Certified B Corp made for your company?

Becoming a certified B Corp brought to light our corporate responsibility commitments and gave us new communication tools. We are happy to know we can rely on support from the community and we cannot wait to bond with other B Corps.  


How did your other staff react to the certification?

The B Corp certification is well-known and recognized in the social business sector. Our team was proud of this achievement.


What has changed in your organisation as a result of taking the B Impact Assessment?

We became more aware of our strengths and weaknesses. We now give more importance to evaluation than we used to. Taking the B Impact Assessment helped us identify what we could improve the most. Now, we keep challenging ourselves, participating in the B Corp Inclusion Challenge for instance. 



What does the year ahead hold in store for your company?

We have big projects in store for the year ahead! 

Extending and improving the range of machines we offer to make waste sorting easier, funnier and accessible to more and more people ! 

Diversifying our offer : we are developing a multi-waste solution where we own a logistic platform, widening the scope of collected waste to paper, cardboard, bulbs, ink cartridge, etc.

Developing a plastic lab: we want to set up a pedagogical space in our premises, showing how plastic is transformed through a miniaturized factory. 

Strengthening our social impact: last July, we created Lemon Aide, a subsidiary which helps the long-term unemployed rejoin the workforce. Lemon Aide’s workers undertake numerous trainings to ease their employability! We will strive to develop the structure in the coming months and to help our collaborators find sustainable jobs. 


Who is your B Corp Love?

MicroDon, Gobilab, 1001pact, Natures et Découvertes, Pixelis, Des Enjeux et des Hommes, Utopies , Ekodev and any other B Corp company, especially outside of France who would like to meet or work with us!


How is your company “Being the Change”?

Promoting sustainability is our “raison d’être” ! Beyond our recycling activities, we try to minimize our environmental footprint, driving electric vehicles, offsetting our CO2 emissions through a reforestation program, launching a zero waste strategy …
We are also committed to  social inclusion. We are established in a disadvantaged urban area and we employ residents from the district when it is possible. Our subsidiary Lemon Aide offers job opportunities to the long term unemployed, living in the area for most of them. 
We have also encouraged innovation from the start, offering high-tech sorting machines that we always try to improve (adding new functionalities like remote connectivity). 
Team cohesion is very important for us and we are open to any suggestion our collaborators may have (management, new working tools, initiatives, ...) !




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