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Meet the B Corps #12 Goodpoint


For the twelfth edition of Meet the B Corps, B Lab Europe interviewed Viviana de Luca , founder of the Italian B Corp Goodpoint. Viviana told us a little bit more about the impact the B Corp Certification has had on the company and the kind of Change Goodpoint seeks to achieve. 

Goodpoint is a consulting firm established in 2011 with the aim of supporting profit and nonprofit organizations that wish to carry out their social role in a strategic and sustainable way. The vision of the company is to go beyond the distinction between "ethics" and "economics.” Goodpoint works on concrete projects, matching the two perspectives, in order to better contribute to social development.

As far as nonprofit organizations are concerned, the aim of the company is to contribute to their growth and their mission. Goodpoint does this through strategic consulting and training, communication and fundraising activities and social planning. With regard to for-profit organizations, Goodpoint supports companies in planning, implementation and enhancement of CSR programs, in accordance with business goals. Finally, Goodpoint works as a philanthropy advisor, supporting philanthropic organizations and public institutions in maximizing their social impact.


Tell us a bit about the history of your company.

Goodpoint was established in 2011 with the aim of supporting profit and nonprofit organizations that wish to carry out their social role in a strategic and sustainable way. Our vision was to go beyond the distinction between " ethics" and "economics", matching the two perspectives and contributing to social development. At that time, the feeling was that there were no similar experiences in our community or companies working both for enterprises and NGOs with one goal: to contribute to their growth and mission through strategic consulting and training, communication and fundraising activities, social planning and CSR programs. That’s how we became what we are today.


Why did you become a B Corp?

We believe that Goodpoint is a B Corp by its very nature, since the beginning. Our mission is to contribute to social development and consistently, in our daily business, we pay close attention to our impact on different stakeholders (workers, customers, suppliers and community). Moreover, all profits are reinvested in the company in order to keep our services sustainable and affordable, even for small nonprofits. This is the reason we decided to pursue the B Corp certification: another way to show what we strive for, while finding a way to measure what actually is our core business, with the aim of improving and doing much better in the coming years. 



What difference has becoming a Certified B Corp made for your company?

We have just been certified as a B Corp, so it may be too early to feel the difference. Broadly speaking, we will keep on doing business in the best possible way, with the aim of using it “as a force for good” to make a difference. Maybe there won’t be a substantial difference in the way we act, but as the B Corp movement is about people, we are looking forward to meeting our colleagues and sharing our common positive vision with them.  


How did your other staff react to the certification?

Goodpoint is a small company made up of seven people: two founders and five employees. Due to the size of our company, everyone was fully engaged in the certification process from the beginning. When we learned we had become a B Corp, we immediately shared the news with the whole staff. Everyone was very excited to know that a third party recognized that we are a company committed to making the world a better place.


What has changed in your organisation as a result of taking the B Impact Assessment?

The B Impact Assessment allowed us to measure our main impact on our stakeholders. We are proud of our score and are now more aware of our sustainability and the areas where we can do better and improve, such as the environmental field. We also had the chance to learn the importance of communicating our commitment to the world.



What does the year ahead hold in store for your company?

In the next few years we would like to strengthen our consulting service to philanthropic organizations, foundations and public institutions, in addition to fostering our philanthropic advisory services to individuals, private donors and organizations.  


How is your company “Being the Change”?

We believe that a sustainable approach to business is the correct way to operate in the market. By working simultaneously with for-profit enterprises, nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, Goodpoint is contributing to social development, with the aim of carrying out a positive change. We help NGOs position themselves strategically and achieve economic sustainability, for the benefit of all the underserved people that they work with. Thanks to our consultancy, for-profit companies are enhancing their social role, developing a culture of deeper social responsibility. We also help philanthropic organizations maximize their social impact. In this way, our company is trying to “be (part of) the change” in the world. 




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