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Eat it, drink it, plant it

This year, in collaboration with other three B Corps, Treedom launches the B-Box: the perfect Christmas gift for company’s employees and stakeholders, in line with B Corp philosophy. The box includes: 

A Treedom pop-up card to plant and gift a real tree in your company’s name, which can be then followed online by the employee as it grows;
Farm Brothers cookies: wholesome and tasty organic cookies; 
Coffee Circle coffee: made by the best beans selected world wide, which also helps to improve the life of coffee growers in their countries of origin; 
Yogi Tea: special delicious herb and spice teas, based on unique Ayurvedic tea recipes. 

The size of the B-Box is 35x26x10 cm. You can also choose the Small B-Box with a Treedom pop-up card, a package of Yogi tea and the Farm Brothers cookies.
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