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B Corp Europe Launch

By Marcello Palazzi - co-founder of B Lab Europe

Inspired and energised by over 600 invited participants at 3 events, the B Corp Global & European Meetings, the Launch at Triodos Bank and the Celebration in Amsterdam announcing the Founding Class of over 60 B Corps in Europe, something historic is taking place. Why and how

Why historic?

Most movements occur outside of work, i.e. nature and the environment, human rights and civil society, women rights and families, despite the reality that most of us spend 50-60% of our working lives at work. A movement that aims to redefine the world of work is thus historic. Its potential is tremendous, to unleash passion, enthusiasm and energy to truly actualize people’s talents and aspirations, not at the week-end or during time off, but at work, every day, every minute of the day.


What most caught my imagination is Steve Jobs’ quote about ‘making a dent in the universe’. Each one of us on this earth deep down would like to be able to live beyond being an anonymous number amidst billions and truly make a difference, putting his or her dent in the universe. The vast majority understands this as a positive impact and in the entrepreneurial society of today, everyone can be an entrepreneur of life, whether in the social sphere, cultural, educational, health & wellbeing, business. As more and more people set up their enterprises the world over, being able to integrate our deepest aspirations with what we do every day at work is the Big Hairy Audacious Goal! Incredibly exciting!

B Corps are enterprises where people can unleash their aspirations and make a dent in the universe! The Pandora’s box is now open. If not now, when? If not us, who? If not here, where?

Hurrah to the B Corps!


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