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46 European companies named Best for the World

Best for the World

Our daily collaboration with these business people committed to doing good is, basically, thrilling. We get to work with some of the most rigorous and competent professionals in the world. Business is the most powerful organiser of human energy and an extraordinary group of organisations is harnessing that power as a force for good. The Best for the World honourees represent the vanguard of this revolutionary movement and we are privileged to honor them and to bring their accomplishments to light at this pivotal gathering. Thanks for being with us! -Bryan Welch, B the Change Media

We are very proud of the 46 European companies that have been listed as Best for the World based on their impact to their workers, community, customers and the planet.

Every year, B Lab highlights the Certified B Corporations in the B Corp community that go above and beyond in their pursuit of positive impact. All B Corporations take the B Impact Assessment and meet verified score requirements to become certified. In the assessment, companies are evaluated on their impact of the environment, their workers, their customers and their communities; they also all meet the highest standards of accountability and transparency. Winning companies featured on the Best for the World lists scored in the top 10% of the B Corp community in each of the five categories - they are the top performers in an already exceptional group of businesses. Learn more about the Best for the World criteria.

This year, our partners at B the Change Media took Best for the World to the next level, hosting an amazing event at Haas School of Business to introduce the B Corp community to the next generation of entrepreneurs.


Here are some quotes from the European honorees.

At Made Blue, we are extremely proud to have made it onto the Best for the World list for 2016, as it supports our mission of blending business and charity to maximize impact for a better world! For Made Blue, being a B Corp helps us spread the word about how we're aiming to do good by doing well. We're looking forward to bringing the company to the next level and realize access to clean water for more people on earth.” – Machiel van Dooren, Social Entrepreneur

Being a part of the Best for the World list for 2016 is surely very important for us because it is a prestigious external recognition of a type of business that Pymwymic started doing over 20 years ago. However, we also feel that every conscientious business is the best-of-the-best in their own way and deserves a prize for its contribution in making this world a better place.” – Margherita Pandolfo, Trainee

As of October 2014, we became a member of the B Corporation community. An important collective voice, as WakaWaka believes that businesses can play an integral and pivotal role in providing solutions to today's critical issues. The designation of best-of-the-best is a valuable objective recognition for WakaWaka. Itʼs a stamp of approval that our mission and sustainable business approach to accomplish that, is valued. It also motivates us to further grow as a young company, continuously taking social and environmental performance standards into account.” – Emma Olde Bijvank, Strategic Account Manager


Elizabeth and Nicolas Soubelet, Co-Founders of the French B Corp Squiz, represented the European B Corp Community as official speakers at the Best for the World gathering in Berkeley, California. 


Below the the list of European B Corps 

Alfa Accountants en Adviseurs
Alma Natura
Bruggink & Van der Velden
Camif Matelsom
Climate Neutral Group
Cuento de Luz
De Krat
Fratelli Carli
Graines de Changement
Made Blue
Mikado Consulting
MUD Jeans
Nature & Découvertes
S360 Sustainability Services
Willem & Drees


The complete lists are online for you to explore, and they’ll be published in the next print edition of B Magazine. 


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